Yesterday I received news that a good friend of mine is no longer with us. This hit me like a ton of bricks for multiple reasons. He was a good man, a good friend and he did a lot in the rescue community with his organization Bikers Against Animal Abuse & Neglect​ (BAAAN ). He took in the dogs no one wanted or could handle. The pit bulls that were most likely never to find a home. He did so knowing that more than likely he would have them for life but all the while working with them and training them everyday in the hopes he could change that probability.

When HUHA first started back in 2014, his organization was the very first one we donated to and he was the first friend in rescue I made. He saw the potential in what we were doing and he made a HUGE effort to tell others about us and spread the word. He picked up large quantities of donations and helped us distribute to organizations outside of his own.


Our first donation post

My mother passed away a few years back from cancer. One of the last times I got to see her smile or even go outside during her treatment was to sit in my 1971 Buick Riviera. This car was my pride and joy. I grew up in a car household. We loved classic cars. I named this car Linda after her. When my engine went tits up in this car, he not only rebuilt the entire engine but he did so with such meticulous care that he repaired additional parts, painted and cleaned up everything to the point it looked and sounded as if it had just come out the factory. Better than new. He did this because he knew just how much I loved this car and how much it meant to me. He did this and said no payment was necessary. He enjoyed it. Of course I insisted on paying him but this act alone meant more to me than you could ever know.

In the years to come, we had our share of laughs and deep discussions. We shared some common demons, interests, passions but most of all we shared a respect of one another. He was an honest, no BS kind of guy. Give the shirt off his back, kind of guy. Punch you in the face if you deserved it, kind of guy. Always learning, always teaching.

My heart is broken. I love and miss him dearly.

Dean Nipper​, I hope you have found peace my brother. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. I wish I had just one more conversation with you. Rain check.