Hello my friend,

I just wanted to let you in on the latest TK updates! I have not only added new photos to many of my galleries, but I also added a new gallery for Abstract / Creative Art! This past year has been filled with personal growth for me. As I am always looking for new techniques, I came across various inspirations that led me down the rabbit hole of experimentation with double exposures, ICM ( Intentional Camera Movement ) and other approaches that have me thinking outside the box. All in all it is very exciting. The last thing you ever want as an artist or creative soul is to become complacent or stagnant. I felt I was headed in this direction due to only exposing myself to a limited subset of genres and talented individuals. Once I started removing repetition and looking for something new, it was not long before I found it and instantly found satisfaction. My posting format has changed on social media, my subjects changing on a daily basis as well as my approach. Long gone are habits of consistency and the familiar. After well over a decade in photography, it is nice to be excited again each day of the unknown. I hope you follow me on this journey and I that your day finds you well. – TK



New Gallery Added



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