Good morning folks ( here at least ),

I just wanted to take a quick moment to explain why you received a bunch of blog post emails from me this morning ( 3 I believe ). This year, I did some soul searching and decided that I was no longer going to hold back posting photographs of different genres, styles and approaches on various social media platforms. It has been this odd, unspoken, understanding on these platforms that in order to gain followers and grow your account, you MUST have a cohesive, uniform page that says EXACTLY what you specialize in. So your viewers know what to expect when they follow you. This reminded me of when I started writing music and was told that I had to pick a style, genre and narrow my focus. Well, if you have heard my music ( click here if not ) you will notice I ignored that advice. Yeah, I know no one knows who I am as a result, but I am fine with it. Back on point, once I started posting all of my styles and approaches to photography, I noticed I was getting some nice feedback and support in this decision. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I realized as I was recording a behind the scenes video of one of my shots, that I was severely holding back who I was and my personality when I do these videos. So yet another decision was made. I decided to no longer hold back and give you, my followers, the real me, uncensored in all my flaws and attempts at delivering you some form of entertainment. So I created a new category here on my website and on my YouTube channel called Hanging with TK. This is where I will share random videos of me being me. So the few posts you got hit with this morning was me getting some of the recent content posted and organized. I promise, we are back to the occasional post from time to time and I will always try not to spam you like that. I appreciate your continued support!


Hope your day finds you well!