Those of you that have followed me, followed my music and still around, I applaud you. I’m very thankful. You have noticed that my music has taken the backseat to life. I am still hopeful there will be more musical moments ahead. Music is just one aspect of my life and this website was just stagnant and idle. So this week, I made a decision to update my website and expand upon it. I am more than just a musician. I am a writer, funk loving goofball, a photographer, gardener, I love woodworking, I love animals and have a non-profit to help local rescues and their fosters. I love hanging with my dogs, classic cars, muscle cars, disco, funk and a good dark roasted coffee. I suffer from cluster headaches, alcoholism, a hate for most people and a fear of heights. I started beekeeping this past year, I have a cool fucking car I love to drive in the fall and spring ( AC and heat doesn’t work )…why not share these things with you? I typically share most of these things on social media but the archiving and finding these moments again become tedious if not impossible at times.

I have added a photography section that I am slowly adding some of my photos to, a gardening section for my miscellaneous attempts, failures and successes and an animals kick ass section for stuff related to my life involving animals. From our non-profit Help Us, Help Animals ( HUHA ) to our pack of dogs ( we have 5 currently ) and anything else that comes up. There will be more goofy shit, random content mixed in as I know that my music has been described as slow and laid back or sad sounding. Again, that is a small part of who I am and it came from a time when that stuff needed to be said.

I hope to share experiences as I learn, moments as I capture them, music as I feel it and if something doesn’t hit you with one section, hop over to another. Even if I am here alone simply documenting my encounters and life, that’s enough for me but I hope you join me 🙂

I am slowly adding content so please check back from time to time.