About TK

Welcome to my world. This website started off as a portal to my music. I went to college for jazz, classical voice and over the years been in many projects from experimental, acoustic, metal, folk, jazz etc. I have a few albums out on iTunes, Pandora and other digital locations. I eventually hit a wall with it all and just stepped back. I had not even visited this website in a couple of years. I have been filling my time with woodworking, photography, gardening, beekeeping, running a non-profit that helps local animal rescues in my spare time ( spare time…). All my music is available for download on this site for free providing it is not for commercial use. I have a lot of music yet released that I will add if I ever get back to it.

My photography journey began around 2004 when I borrowed a friend’s camera and reversed the lens. From that moment, I was pulled into the macro world and officially hooked. Since, I have experimented in all other genres, learning as I go.