About TK

Chaka Khan & the Bee Gees had a child & Chuck Norris kicked that kid in the head. That kid is me.

Welcome to my world. This website started off as a portal to my music. I went to college for jazz, classical voice and over the years been in many projects from experimental, acoustic, metal, folk, jazz etc. I have a few albums out on iTunes, Pandora and other digital locations. I eventually hit a wall with it all and just stepped back. I had not even visited this website in a couple of years. I have been filling my time with woodworking, photography, gardening, beekeeping, running a non-profit that helps local animal rescues in my spare time ( spare time…). All my music is available for download on this site for free providing it is not for commercial use. I have a lot of music yet released that I will add if I ever get back to it.

My photography journey began in 2009 when I borrowed a friend’s camera and reversed the lens. From that moment, I was pulled into the macro world and officially hooked. Since, I have experimented in all other genres, learning as I go. There is so much left to learn and that excites me. My goal with this website is to catalog my attempts, failures and successes at various endeavors. If you don’t dig woodworking, you might like some of my music or photography or maybe you just like the randomness of it all. I get bored easily and I always have to have something to do, keep moving forward, learning and challenging myself in some way.

So please, wander around, look in the medicine cabinet, the drawers by the nightstand, and don’t shy away from what you may find. Embrace it, ya dig? By the way, the cat in the yellow shirt is yours truly 😉