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Here you will find songs not on albums, low fi ideas, experimental stuff, older B side tracks, other projects I have been in as well as some really really old stuff. A mix of er’thing. All songs are copyright Tim Kelley – Paw Dance Music, LLC. All Rights Reserved. You are free to download any and all songs FREE of charge but commercial use is prohibited without permission.

The Lost Journeywritten 10/11/2011. A composition for an imaginary scene.

FREE Download – The Lost Journey

Happy Birthdaywritten some time in 2005…I think

FREE Download – Happy Birthday

Shade of Black

I wrote lyrics and vocals for in this band in the 1990s. We were young and broke and this was the best we could do. We produced one album called ‘People’ but had other tunes that never made it to CD

People – the album

Leave a Message

FREE Download – Leave a Message

Hate Man Hate

FREE Download – Hate Man Hate

Cigarette Dreams

FREE Download – Cigarette Dreams

3 Way Mirror

FREE Download – 3 Way Mirror

Oh, It’s You

FREE Download – Oh, It’s You


FREE Download – Wannabe


FREE Download – People

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