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Chaka Khan & the Bee Gees had a child & Chuck Norris kicked that kid in the head. That kid is me.


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Latest Posts

A TK Update

Hello my friend, I just wanted to let you in on the latest TK updates! I have not only added new photos to many…

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Apologies for blowing up your inbox this morning.

Good morning folks ( here at least ), I just wanted to take a quick moment to explain why you received a bunch of…

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I’m Tim Kelley, nice to finally meet you.

I thought I would explain myself after yesterday’s videos, I’ll let the video do the talking. I encourage anyone out there that is afraid…

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A message for Steve the ant…

Steve is a truly gifted ant, that through all of life’s adversities, managed to develop a level of skills that transcend physics. With that…

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The struggle is real!

Warning : Video contains profanity so don’t crank it up at work 😉 It’s cold and I am on the hunt for some ants…

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Becky’s got all the damn bugs…

Warning : Video contains profanity so don’t crank it up at work 😉 If you do macro photography and been outside lately, you’ve noticed…

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My Gear – From then, to now ( 2020 )

When I first started photography back in 2008-2009 I borrowed my best friend’s camera gear. The genre I was drawn to was macro photography….

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The fishing spider and how its camouflage on trees lured them into my heart

I start my mornings by getting up at 4am, yes…you heard me correctly, 4am. Once I have some coffee and grab my gear, I…

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An encounter with an odd creature

This morning I encountered what looked like caterpillar poo that could walk. I fired off a few shots and a quick video then came…

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Wrestling with waterdrops

This morning on the way back from my macro scouting, I came across some jewelweed covered in drops. I took a handful of shots….

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My macro gear out in the field

What I am currently using out in the field for macro photography. Post about my headlamp My favorite headlamp! . . . Instagram…

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My favorite headlamp!

This is one of my favorite accessories I use in my photography. I not only use it for night macro, but also when hiking…

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