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I like to think that most people have some level of introspection. The ability to look back at one’s self and learn and even laugh at the mistakes is all part of growing up. I would also like to think that I am not alone in that some memories carry such hurt and burden that you often find yourself pretending they didn’t happen or quickly thinking of something else when they popup.

This album has followed and weighed on me for the past 5+ years. Every song comes from a special place; each song carrying its own mistakes, its own pain, its own life. Writing these songs was a battle within itself, recording them and tracking as I relived each moment was yet another battle. For those that are close to me, you know that this album was to be called something else originally. The original title was supposed to be ‘Weary Minded Time’. I can say that had I recorded these songs 5 years ago, that title would have stuck. The truth is, I am a different person now. Every moment, every memory, mistake, tear and loss has brought me to this wonderful place I am today. I no longer look back at this time as ‘Weary’ instead, as odd as this sounds, I am lucky to have gone through it. The moment you find yourself at rock bottom and realize you are the only one left to pick yourself up, there is a moment between that pause. A moment where time stands still and a calm pair of hands are presented before you. You already know what is in each, you only need to make the choice. If you choose to go on, you will understand this album more than anyone else.

I want to say that I am so very proud of this album. I listened to it again today. It brings a smile to face knowing that in all confidence, I know my father would be proud of where I am in life. I want to take this time to thank the wonderful musicians that gave their time and talents for countless rehearsals, recording sessions and spent their hard earned money in gas to just show up. Every song I write is like a child to me and these musicians have given me the wonderful blessing of presenting them to you.

On this album you will find my best friend, second mother, music teacher and music soul-mate Peggy Killian on guitar, vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, banjo and mandolin. She also co-produced this as well as the last album. Her ideas, her guitar parts and just her love for music, for my music, has added more to my vision than I can express here in words. You will also hear David White on drums. He is one of the most talented, kind and giving people I know and I thank him for his contribution. The last two people on the album ( and I place them together because I would honestly just repeat myself when speaking of them separately ) are Bryan Hall on bass and Michael Turner on sax. Both of these guys are easily the most talented and gifted individuals on their respective instruments I have come across to date. Each time I am in a room with them I can’t help but smile. They both have a bright and wonderful future ahead of them.

To you, the fan, the reader, the listener…I thank you for your continued support. I hope you find something in each album I bring you, even if it is just a single line that finds you. I offer below a couple of free songs for download, and links to order the new album and/or digital versions. If you order the CD off bandcamp, you will get an immediate digital download of the album for free. If you prefer iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Rhapsody…well you will find us there as well 🙂

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Free song off Older & Wiser? – This is not about you

Free song off Beauty in the Flaws – Here’s a Penny ( Talk is Cheap )



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