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I am not one to describe my own work nor am I one to “sell” it to you so I have asked a friend to give it a listen and be honest with his initial thoughts and I will post it to my website. My dear friend just happens to be a gifted writer 🙂 and you can visit him here Mostly MacEzra.

About Stuff & Things EP he writes:

“Welcome to Tim Kelley’s new world.  You may think you know TK from Beauty in the Flaws or Older and Wiser?, but Sans the Rocket will prove you wrong.  Indeed, you’ll recognize Tim throughout this new release, but the world music crouched and pouncing in the story of a man flying away to find his love barreling through funk driven back beats and Andrews Sisters throwbacks forces the listener to reevaluate the too easy categorization of folk artist.

Lest you fear too much a departure, worry not.  Sin of Mine carries those dulcet tones and rich harmonies that has built the still growing fan base.  And, much to my delight, the ukulele pops its small neck up here amongst scat and stacked vocals.

Like previous works the lyrical content is strong and often contrasted in its approach.  The repeated verse “I would like to apologize because I’m having a bad day” of Have We Met Before has such a pleasant lilt and tone that the love behind it completely overpowers the harsh admonition of the early lyric “you’re a waste of time.”
This release is all you love of TK and more as he grows and expands his sound.  This EP is well worth your time; just good luck on not repeating Sans the Rocket long enough to get to the tin guitar timbre and slow, mellow melody haunting Lullaby.

Take a moment to sample Stuff and Things and then take two more to settle in and wrap yourself in the sound and world of Tim Kelley.  You can thank me for it later.”

For now, you can pre-order a copy at and immediately receive the first track Sans the Rocket for digital download. After April 30th, you will be able to find the Stuff & Things EP on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify etc. I hope to hear your thoughts and comments about the EP below!

Preview the first track
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Stuff & Things EP
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2 thoughts on “Pre-Order Stuff & Things Now!

  1. Wendy M Greer says:

    I listened to the preview of “Stuff & Things”. Pretty awesome, man.

    1. timkelley says:

      Feel free to download the entire album for free. 🙂 It’s all free. Just look for the links on the music page.


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