Tim Kelley’s Older & Wiser?
This is the kind of album that sneaks up on you, then surprises you with its overwhelming beauty. The opening track, “New Beginning” features backwards guitar, some gentle piano and a few wistful lyrics. The album sinks in a little more with some jazz inflected acoustic guitar chords which seem to circle around and never quite resolve, while layers of rich vocal harmonies build on each other. “Last Call” sounds like a Beach Boys style lullaby, complete with chamber strings and eerie background vocals. The rest of the album builds on the same elements: unexpected acoustic guitar changes backed by spine-tingling harmonies from both Tim Kelley and the multi-talented Peggy Killian, evoking moments of Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Elliott Smith, and even the jazz era of Joni Mitchell. Lush, lovely, and filled with interesting elements from both folk and jazz, “Older & Wiser?” will be good company this spring and beyond.

Peter Swenson at CD

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